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Hello, my name is Christian Guthier. I've spent plenty of years working as a creative designer for print and digital communications. In that time, I've designed for carbon footprint analysts, human resource specialists, schools and colleges, local and international charities, as well as insurance companies, car manufacturers and housing developers. I've spent years handling the strategic and project management side of things too.

And I love it all. Digital, print or both. Large, strategic communication projects to quick-fire leaflets. In short, getting the message across, whatever it takes. Please feel free to have a look at some of the work I've done.

I'd love to work with you. Call 0797 6012 820 or send me an email

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I work in collaboration with many highly experienced comms specialists, so can offer big agency services at small agency rates. These include:

Identity design
From logo design to letterheads and business cards.

Design for print
Analog is still a powerful marketing tool. There simply is nothing like holding a document in the hand. Digital might be quick and sometimes cheaper, but the truth is that printed communications help the reader retain your message longer than online reading.

Web design
From simple, responsive, smartphone-friendly websites like this one to large interactive portals which you can control.

These core services are enriched by a wide range of other skills, from photography, illustration and video to copy writing.

I'd love to work with you. Call 0797 6012 820 or send me an email

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Responsive web

What does a 'responsive' website mean? A simple demonstration should explain it all. If you are viewing this site on a PC or Mac, try resizing the browser window by dragging the bottom right corner to make the browser window smaller. Go on, make it quite small. This is how the efekt.net website would look when viewed on a tablet or mobile phone. It 'responds' to the device you view the site on.

If you're already viewing this site on a mobile device, well done. You're a media pioneer, part of the 30 per cent of people who browse the internet via tablets and phones.

Do you have your own website? How does it perform on mobile devices? Just try this simple test by pasting your URL (or your competitor's URL) and watch the results.

To find out how your website could be working harder, just get in touch!

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Get in touch

I'd love to take on new projects, so do feel free to get in touch and send me an email, find me on Linkedin or call 0797 6012 820.

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